5 Steps to Remember for Making Linear Programming Easier

Linear programming is observed to have raised a good deal of questions amongst the student’s community. Linear programming which is also called linear optimization is a method employed to determine the perfect or close to perfect (i.e., best) outcome that will yield the maximum benefit where the requirements in every case were represented through linear relations of mathematical models. You need to optimize solutions obtained from a linear function which is prone to inequality. So, it is definitely not an easy task to be performed.

Let us see the linear program problems that are expressed in the following canonical forms such as:

Maximize c^Tx
Subject to Ax<=b
And x>=0

Where x represents the vector of the variables that is to be determined, c and B are both coefficients values of whose are known, A is a known matrix and finally ^T represents the transpose matrix.

A lot of questions are observed to have taken place in the minds of learners. Let us take a look at

The FAQs and their answers

  • Inadequacy in handling of decision variables.

The best way to handle this problem is by writing precise definitions of your decision variables that are provided as numbers. You should take the assumptions like “x = number of cars produced in the previous month” or “y = number of employees who worked for ABC company last year” and so on. Once your precise definitions are ready, next the best thing to do is read the constraints like plain English sentences. This way will give you better understanding and help.

  • Take proper effort to blending.

Always remember that good linear programming assignment help comes from proper blending of ingredients. Remember that at when different input materials are used requires good concentration for making proper decision.

  • A great linear programming homework help is when you have a process that has quite a many number of outputs, the best solution here is to make the “use” of that process mentioned in the problem to be made as the decision variable.
  • The great thing to remember for always in linear programming homework help is that only the final total cost or revenues that t are required and final numbers of profit or loss are factors that the solver is worried about. You should be concerned more than solving to allocating values to variables.
  • Now there are variables in linear programming where values are code numbers. Pay proper attention to distinguish them. Always remember that variables whose values are code numbers. Because there are many a times when you get confused to assigning.

So, it is evidently seen that with correct effort and sufficient concentration linear programming could be made easy.

Similar to what we do in linear programming is what SPSS or Statistical Package for the Social Sciences is found now. You can find quite some Get to know what SPSS software is! Find out here for proper learning of the process. Remember, whatever you learn; do it completely and fully for yourself so that you can do well in it.

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30 Crazy Fun Facts of Physics


Physics is a branch of science which studies motion of matter as it travels through space and time. Force and energy are factors which have impact on the motion of matter; these above mentioned topics are considered as a division of physics. The boundaries of physics are unclear and not rigid; therefore, biology, mathematics and chemistry need to be studied along with physics.

Numerous other subjects linked to this branch of natural science are required to be studied alongside physics. Loads of theoretical breakthroughs have been attained in the course of the study of physics. This has led to enhancement in the expertise surrounding human beings. Physics requires analysis of the natural world and assists in understanding the method through which nature functions and operates. Gravity, electromagnetism and various other topics of this subject are the study of forces created and governed by laws of nature.

Here are some fun crazy facts of physics:-
1. Weight that is gravitational force always decreases by the distance squared as anyone moves away from earth.

2. Inertia and mass are both same.

3. Where zero velocity and constant velocity means that the force of net is zero than acceleration will also be zero.

4. Mass is different from weight that is the reason why weight is equal to mass multiply by acceleration.

5. Vectors are velocity, momentum, displacement and forces.

6. While scalar quantities are speed, time, energy and distance.

7. The slope that is there in the graph of velocity and time is said to be as acceleration.

8. Even the unbalance force creates balances and produces acceleration actions is known to be as velocity.

9. Opposite in the direction of the resultant vector and opposite in the force of equilibrium force is equal.

10. All of the collision system has momentum conserved.

11. To show how large the vector quantity is magnitude is used to show it.

12. The sum of kinetic and potential energy is said to be as mechanical energy.

13. As height increases the gravitational potential energy also does increases.

14. If the velocity changes than the kinetic energy also does changes.

15. The total rate of change of the energy is the total unit of the power.

16. The best of conductors are made of short and fat of all cold wires.

17. The protons and the electrons have the same and equal charge amounts.

18. The total resistance of any kind of circuit is decreased with the help of adding a parallel in the resistors.

19. Every resistor in the given series does have an equal current.

20. All the given resistors has equal amount of voltage.

21. By the use of positive ions, electrons and negative ions the ionized gases carry out electric current.

22. With the help of compass needle you can see the direction of the magnetic field.

23. Webers is used to define magnetic flux.

24. In a compass the left hand signifies negative charges while the right hand defines positive charges.

25. The only thing that is mechanical as well as longitudinal is the waves of sound.

26. The blue colored light has more energy. The shorter is the wavelength than the higher will always be the frequency.

27. As the wave frequency increases the energy it has also increases but the wavelength that it has then tends to decrease.

28. The photoelectric effect studies the effect of light and its behaviour of a particle that is the photon.

29. Energy is determined by the light wave frequency.

30. Nuclear forces are short but very strong.

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