Accounting Book Topics – You Must Read to Clear Exam with Good Grades

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Introduction to Book Keeping and Accountancy

  1. Book keeping
  2. Process of book keeping
  3. Accountancy
  4. Difference between book keeping and accountancy
  5. Accounting as science and art
  6. Objective of book keeping and accountancy
  7. Advantages of book keeping and accountancy
  8. Basic accounting terminology

Basic Accounting Concepts

  1. Meaning of gaap
  2. Business entity concept
  3. Money measurement concept
  4. Going concern concept
  5. Accounting period concept
  6. Dual aspects concept
  7. Double entry system characteristics advantages disadvantages

Documents and Accounting Equation

  1. Origin of transaction
  2. Source documents or vouchers
  3. Accounting voucher and its types
  4. Accounting equation
  5. Analysis of transactions
  6. Computation classification of transactions

Rules of Debit and Credit Journal

  1. The concept of debit and credit
  2. Definition of debit and credit
  3. Books of original entry
  4. Rules of debit and credit accounting equation approach modern American approach
  5. Traditional rules of debit and credit English approach

Non Cash Transactions Subsidiary Books

  1. Subsidiary books or sub division of journal
  2. Classification cash transactions
  3. Special journal
  4. Journal proper or general journal
  5. Opening and closing journal entries

Ledger Accounts

  1. Balancing of ledger accounts
  2. Classification of ledger accounts
  3. Distinction between journal and ledger
  4. Importance or advantages of ledger accounts
  5. Ledger posting from cash book
  6. Ledger posting from journal entries
  7. Ledger posting from purchases book
  8. Ledger posting from sales book
  9. Meaning of ledger accounts
  10. Summary of rules of posting form subsidiary books
  11. Theoretical questions on ledger accounts

Trial Balance

  1. Meaning of trial balance
  2. Special features of trial balance
  3. Limitations of trial balance
  4. Methods of preparing trial balance
  5. List of important accounts and balances

Final Accounts (without Adjustments)

  1. Balance sheet in final accounts without adjustments
  2. Difference between profit and loss accounts and balance sheet
  3. Features or characteristics balance sheet
  4. Limitations of final accounts or financial statements
  5. Meaning of financial statements or final accounts
  6. Need or importance and purpose of trading account
  7. Need or purpose and importance of profit and loss account
  8. Performa of balance sheet
  9. Performa profit loss account
  10. Performa of trading account
  11. Points to be considered before creating balance sheet
  12. Profit and loss account final accounts without adjustments
  13. Trading account final accounts without adjustments

Final Accounts (with Simple Adjustments)

  1. Adjustments additional information in preparation of final accounts
  2. Depreciation in the value of assets
  3. Appreciation in the value of assets
  4. Outstanding expenses
  5. Prepaid expenses
  6. Accrued or outstanding expenses
  7. Unearned income
  8. Interest on capital
  9. Interest on drawings
  10. Interest and dividend on investment
  11. Interest on loan
  12. Bad debts not in adjustment
  13. Provision for bad and doubtful debt adjustment
  14. Further bad debts adjustment
  15. Provision for bad and doubtful debts given in the trial balance
  16. Provision for discount on debtors
  17. Closing stock
  18. Summarized presentation of adjustments
  19. Theoretical questions final account

Bank Reconciliation Statement and Three Column Cash Book

  1. Meaning of bank reconciliation statements
  2. Need and importance of bank reconciliation statements
  3. Preparation of bank reconciliation statements
  4. Steps for preparation of bank reconciliation statements
  5. Important notes and explanations regarding preparation
  6. Cash book with discount column
  7. Cash book with discount and bank column or three column cash book

Bills of Exchange

  1. Bills of exchange concept of bills of exchange
  2. Promissory note
  3. Accounting treatment of bills of exchange
  4. Endorsement of the bill
  5. Discounting of the bill
  6. Retiring a bill under rebate
  7. Dishonour and noting of the bill
  8. Renewal of the bill
  9. Part payment of the bill

Errors and Their Rectification

  1. Errors affecting or disclosed by trial balance introducing the concept
  2. Errors omission and errors of commission
  3. Errors in the subsidiary books and their rectification
  4. Errors of principle
  5. Treatment of capital or revenue expenditure
  6. Treatment proprietors withdrawal
  7. Errors recording incorrect subsidiary books


  1. Meaning of depreciation
  2. Depreciation features causes objectives factors
  3. Fixed or equal installment or straight line method or depreciation on original cost
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of straight line method
  5. Diminishing or reducing or written down value method
  6. Difference between straight line and diminishing balance method
  7. Depreciation review questions depreciation

Test for large samples n 30

Performance of balance sheet

Engineering or Accounting: Which One to Choose?

Today, students are focusing on different subjects that they have interest in to build up the career. Engineering is one such course that can give you opportunity to have a bright career ahead. But, it is not limited to engineering as accountancy students are also seeing a good career prospect which is why they are showing a good interest on the subject.

Each and every course comes up with some advantages. But, you must remember that every engineering degree does not come up with career opportunity. There are few courses available which you can focus on to create a good career. Whereas, accountancy is quite in demand in present time due to evolution of small businesses. There are many entrepreneurs around who are in need of accountant who can manage the financial aspects.

Reason to choose engineering

You will come across with varied reasons that can finally influence you to choose engineering course. Some of them are:

  • Ultimate challenge and creativity:

Engineers get involved in different projects which have the ability to change and improvise the surroundings. Highly innovative structures and modern facilities are offered to society. If you have a strong interest on how things work and have a keen mind of the application of this process, then it is a perfect field of study for you.

  • Adopt different skills for future application:

As an engineer you would surely develop some of the valuable skills that can be of real use in future. Engineers will come up with problem solving skill that gives opportunity to deal with any complex situations. The practical solutions to any problem appear to be highly crucial and can deliver good confidence while you face with any challenges.

  • Ample choices found for engineers:

Today, you will come across with different choices that ranges from electrical to mechanical and civil to software. Each and every branch of engineering come up with some or the other exciting options. They are highly in demand and ensure a road for career development.

But, at the end of the day you need to understand the taste and interest.  This will finally lead you to right path and ultimately you can have a flourishing career. Students having interest on engineering will not be able to focus on accountancy and vice-versa. Without having a good knowledge on any subject, you will not be able to develop your future.

There is a chance of developing logical thinking which helps in understanding feasibility of project. Therefore, an engineer can consider financial and practical aspects of project before proceeding with a plan.

Both the course give you chance to develop the thinking ability and allow in better analysis of situation. The problem solving and critical reasoning gives ability to handle any complex circumstances. It is also possible to implement such skills in real life.

Students showing interest on accounting

If you are planning to choose accounting for further studies, then you need to understand your interest.

  1. Playing with numbers:

You can surely choose accountancy as your subject, if you possess a good amount of interest in numbers. But, still there is a possibility of facing problems in your academic life. So, you can think of choosing accounting assignment help from online homework help websites that can give you knowledge and ways of handling project. Simple or complex you need to handle mathematical calculations with utmost efficiency. This will finally turn you into good students.

  1. Skills to polish:

If you are focused on developing soft skills, then it can be a good course for you. Apart from learning calculations, it is also possible to enhance different skills such as time management and proper planning. These skills can finally help to build up a career and can create a healthy work environment.

  1. Linking up to other career:

It is not essentially you have to build up career as accountant. Through this degree you can surely have other career options around you. It is possible to get into industry with different skills and play role as market researcher. So, don’t lose hope if you have an accounting degree in hand and still do not have to pursue career in this field. You still have other options available.

There are different reasons that might say why accounting course is worthy of studying:

  • It helps in having a solid foundation and gain knowledge on business that helps to run it successfully. There is a complexity in running business in different market scenario which is possible to handle easily through better knowledge.
  • If you do not want to build up your career as accounting professional, still there is an opportunity for developing business skills that can help you in future.
  • A possible career towards becoming Chartered Accountant which is a recognized designation and ensure better opportunities all around the world.

Demand for engineering or accounting

You need to understand that every engineering course does not come with same level of career opportunities. You can possibly think of building up a career as civil engineers due to increase growth of infrastructure and construction industry. Often people wonder, what does a civil engineer knows that others don’t.The answer is quite simple, their ability to design layout and implement the entire project.

Accountants are surely in high demand in current times. An accountant is needed to handle every kind of business. They look after the financial aspect and offer proper suggestion which can be a profitable solution. Accountant is capable of reviewing the situation of business and they perform free tax review which can help in financial analysis. The on time delivery is an important aspect of accountant which is of high importance during tax seasons. Bridgend accountants are also in demand. They give you an insight on internal audit and also help in understanding cash flow.

Electrical engineers, aerospace engineers, industrial engineers are some of the degree that you can think of building. These are known to be the proven course that helps in having career opportunity. The exceptional skills are to come along with time management that helps in better opportunities. You can build your career in different parts of the world. Research, development is few fields that you can focus on after studying.

Know about the Top Five Popular Degrees in Accounts for your Future Need

Students of accounts have a golden opportunity to make their career in the different areas. If you are one of the students who love accounts and want to grab a particular degree in accounts, then it is very necessary for you to know about the popular degrees that can easily give you a right solution of your knowledge.

Students of accounts sometimes need a support while preparing for an examination and Online Accounts Exam Help is perfect for them. After you select a degree, you can easily know about the different related topics.

Five popular degrees related to accounting can be categorized as follows-

1.    Accounting

It is completely supportive and the aim of those who is hundred percent sure that accounting is hos first choice and thus can easily go through any of the degrees as B.Acc, BAcy or B.Acc.Sci. These all are bachelor’s degree. The range varies and thus it depends on the student that whether he is an associate or doctorate. Thus, job also varies as record keeping.

2.    Auditing

This one is also related to the main subject accounts. This is a specialized degree in accounting and it is offered at the graduation level. Now, if you are interested to know about the job career then financial information for auditing process, document collect, responsibilities and ethics, organization evidence and you can also take part in some other degrees for enhancement of program through online. This depends on the interest of a student as whether he is going to select any particular degree or much more than that.

3.    Finance

Though finance is not separating from accounts, but it is a special field that comes under accounts and the student can learn about that field in depth. So, it is always said that if you are interesting in money management, then this one is the best for you. So, you need knowing that if you select this particular part of accounts, then you will be completely perfect in the field of stock investing, bank, management in money and more. You can easily get help through Accounts Online Exam Help for your convenience.

4.    Business

Business and accounts are not far from each other. But, as finance is the part of accounts and clear views in some particular fields, in the same way accounts can help in business a lot. But, if a student gets certification in business, then he must go through a huge knowledge about management, finance and marketing. If you really want an exact knowledge of business, then Accounts Online Exam Help would be profitable for you.

5.    Taxation

This is very much perfect for those who want to know the part of accounting in the field of degree of taxation. In the study of taxation, the students need to know about the law of tax, tax accounting, and tax procedure and tax researches. The degree related to taxation will be more profitable if you can acquire master degree. For attorneys and consultants it is completely perfect.

Just think once that do you really want to entail in an Accounting Career? Know the steps to become an accountant and 10 Questions You Must Answer Before You Go for a Career in Accountancy